A     C  H  A  R  L  E  S     B  A  R  B  A  R  A     C  O  M  P  A  N  Y

Supreme Kourts®, Inc. [aka: Charles Barbara Company] is America’s oldest preeminent tennis court design, construction, surfacing and maintenance company. Our Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Charles Barbara after completing his military service stationed in Europe during WWII, entered the industry as an enthusiastic young apprentice within the very active New Jersey Shore tennis community in the early 1950’s. Initially Charlie was recruited to service Hollywood Golf Club in Oakhurst, NJ to maintain their numerous courts but soon demonstrated an extraordinary natural talent in designing and constructing superior tennis courts -- Barbara's methods improved upon the prevailing industry standards and exceeded the meticulous expectations of an understandably exacting clientele.

By the 1950’s Charles Barbara had well established himself as a sought after tennis and basketball court authority demonstrating unprecedented innovative skills and quality within our industry he has been actively recruited by tennis enthusiasts in both private residences plus public, commercial and exclusive club clientele throughout the early 1950’s to date, with many of Barbara’s original installations still maintained and in very active use today.