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SUPREME KOURTS is the Premier Athletic Court Construction Company Headquartered in Deal, New Jersey - 732-SUPREME

Supreme Kourts®, Inc. [aka: Charles Barbara Company] is America’s oldest preeminent tennis court design, construction, surfacing and maintenance company.  Our Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Charles Barbara after completing his military service stationed in Europe during WWII, entered the industry as an enthusiastic young apprentice within the very active New Jersey Shore tennis community in the early 1950’s.  Initially Charlie was recruited to service Hollywood Golf Club in Oakhurst, NJ to maintain their numerous courts but soon demonstrated an extraordinary natural talent in designing and constructing superior tennis courts -- Barbara's methods improved upon the prevailing industry standards and exceeded the meticulous expectations of an understandably exacting clientele.
By the 1950’s Charles Barbara had well established himself as a sought after tennis and basketball court authority demonstrating unprecedented innovative skills and quality within our industry he has been actively recruited by tennis enthusiasts in both private residences plus public, commercial and exclusive club clientele throughout the early 1950’s to date, with many of Barbara’s original installations  still maintained and in very active use today. 

In response to the growing demand for his superior services, Charles Barbara incorporated in 1958.  Continuing today with well over 7 decades of dedicated hands-on experience.  Charles Barbara is renown throughout the industry as the “Go-To Pro" when it comes to solving a court owners intractable problems -- many times after an owner has exhausted all other resources.  Barbara is celebrated throughout the tennis industry as a mentor, authority, innovator and problem solver industry wide.  Many in the industry today respect Barbara as an extraordinary professor that was responsible in launching many careers in tennis construction and maintenance.

SUPREME KOURTS® Builds Athletic Facilities and the verdict is in – Guilty for delivering Top Quality!

Installing any tennis or basketball courts within your estate can seem like a monumental task -- with the volume of researching and reviewing environmental issues, court placement, coverage, local permitting, design, construction schedules, landscaping, etc. when you first begin.  This process can be made easier in two ways:

1) by researching the type of courts you want, creating your own initial custom court design and
2) by calling Supreme Kourts® who will guide you through this daunting process seamlessly. 

You can be overwhelmed with the subtleties of construction when considering what style, surface or color of a Tennis or Basketball court that you would like on your grounds. While the process can be daunting when you begin… designing your own court can allow you to explore your creativity prior to installing the perfect court on your property.

One can always find generic court designs online. Looking at these products is a great place to start when you initiate your own court design. You can review the standard dimensions, surface types, and various accoutrement's that are available. This will also allow you to make an informed contact with Supreme Kourts®’ experienced staff. You can review with our experts about generating a quote in addition to the types of custom work available.

Designing a tennis or basketball court may not be one of your strongest skills, which is why our staff is there - to help put your wants, wishes and ideas on paper.  Supreme Kourts® has the design and building skills that will make your perfect tennis or basketball court come to life. You will be able to customize nearly everything about your courts easily with the help of our trained, friendly, professional and knowledgeable management.


Contact us in Deal, New Jersey, to ensure the job is done right the first time -- 732-SUPREME

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