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Custom Court Design

Today, there are a variety of materials that you can choose from, such as HarTru and popular all-weather for tennis or all-weather in full or partial basketball courts designed to your colorful specifications.  All-weather has many more versatile applications with long-lasting durability and a timeless look that cannot be outdone by most other materials. There are several types of playing surfaces, textures and colors that you can choose from in order to achieve the right color, texture, play, feel and maintenance issues that work for both your lifestyle and budget.

You can also customize your courts design by choosing the surrounding landscaping, fencing, wind screens. etc.  Your personal design requirements will influence the look of the courts so that you can customize it to the full extent and have it blend into your surrounding landscaping or stand out and be the center piece of your estate.

Custom Tennis Court

Customizing virtually any item is also available! A custom fencing and windscreen selection is also an option, or if you had something else in mind such as incorporating seating, and refreshment facilities incorporated into the final design can be attainable as well.

Having custom courts introduced onto your property will add to the overall look and value of your home. Guests and family members will love the elegant and sporty look and you will enjoy the health benefits, durability, practicality and ease of design and function. Remember when you are designing a recreational and health amenity that there are different types of courts. You will find plenty of help and ideas when you contact Supreme Kourts® Take advantage of our expertise, as the final authority in recreational designs.  Supreme Kourts® is recognized throughout our industry as the leader in sports construction, we have dedicated our company to enhancing the performance and appearance of every handmade custom project we become involved with.  For over 7 decades, Charles Barbara has served home owners and sports enthusiasts as their trusted partner in the construction of professional quality athletic facilities, no matter the type, size or scope of the project.

Supreme Kourts® utilizes world-class equipment and materials the most advanced laser equipment available to ensure all Supreme Kourts®   athletic fields and courts meet or exceed client expectations.  Supreme Kourts® has invested years in building and maintaining tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, pickle-ball and every type of basketball court or play area imaginable; so clients know that Supreme Kourts® has the experience needed to be the “final authority” with any project.

Custom Tennis Court

A high-quality tennis or basketball court should be a source of pride for its owner and Supreme Kourts® can handle all your sports construction projects from start to finish, performing design work, excavation, paving and surfacing to ensure you receive the finest tennis or basketball court that you will be proud to claim as your home turf. Supreme Kourts® maintenance specialists are also available to help restore older or maintenance deferred courts right back to their original pristine condition -- Supreme Kourts® turn-key tennis court installation assurance programs reduce both costs and worry over planning problems plus all vendor coordination and eliminating hard court cracks with our Rite-Way crack elimination system.
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