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Bocce Court Construction
Be advised that there is a bewildering array of “creative” bocce misinformation on the web and in print regarding “official” or “standard” plans for court construction that vary so widely that you might think they were for different sports.  Note that there is no standard or official size bocce court in America, leaving a bocce enthusiast the luxury of custom building a court to their play interest and geographic or budgetary restraints with the popular objective of.
Boccee Construction
"Build it and they will come...with beverages"
Bocce courts consist of a flat and level playing surface, contained within 6” or taller perimeter curbing.  The dimensions of the court may very between 8’ to 14’ in width and 60’ to 91’ in length.  The United States Bocce Federation (USBF) recommends that courts used for international, tournament, or open play should be 13’ x 91’.  Most recreational courts are somewhat smaller in both length and width then the USBF recommends.