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  Clay Courts

Clay Court Surfaces

Supreme Kourts® is the clay court specialist.  A clay court is one of the most popular surfaces’ in the world because of its striking ability to mimic the ideally preferred play of grass along with grass’ long term health benefits and overall comfort of play all without the prohibitive expense to maintain grass.
Clay Court Surfaces
Sophisticated sub-surface irrigation systems have reduced water usage and improved maintenance procedures.   Charlie Barbara was the first major supporter of the newly introduced HarTru 'faux clay' surface.  Barbara recognized the obvious advantages in cost, health, maintenance and aesthetics that Har Tru offered over traditional red clay plus other surfaces.   Supreme Kourts® as a respected premiere founding HarTru dealer -- HarTru clay courts require daily maintenance, to ensure the surface is leveled, as well as compacted each day to keep the surface in top condition.  We also offer seasonal opening and closing services plus clear the courts of winter debris, put down new lines, and professionally prepare your court for the upcoming season. At the end of the year, we roll up the lines, take the net down, remove and refresh the net posts, wind screens and center net anchor then place them into storage to protect and extend their practical life now that this equipment is removed from the damaging elements over the harsh winter months.

Although it’s referred to as “clay”, HAR-TRU is actually composed of finely crushed ‘Balset’ stone that accurately mimics the play, action and health benefits of traditional red clay without the unsightly red smudged sports apparel and soiled footwear that are unfortunately endemic of red clay.  Har-Tru is much more durable and consistent than its European red clay court counterparts. 
Har-Tru is a natural domestically mined organic Balset green stone with binder, which is extremely hard and angular, two important qualities when it comes to tennis court construction.  The fragments angularity naturally assures that the fine stone particles lock together to form an extremely stable playing surface.  The natural grass like color is classic tennis green and is instantly recognizable plus, albeit harmless, does not stain nor cling to the player’s apparel as natural red clay (and grass) tends to after play on to your tennis whites, shoes, balls and equipment.


Clay courts are mainly found in Europe and South America and up until the 1980s, virtually all the courts in Spain and Italy were clay courts. The French Open championships at Roland Garros is the only Grand Slam event to be played on clay.
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