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Basketball Court
Basketball Court Construction; Supreme Kourts® doesn’t only build tennis courts. We have extensive experience in building other sports surfaces, including top quality basketball courts. We can build any size basketball court to fit your needs, including:

• Excavation and Outdoor Basketball Court Base Installation
• Asphalt installation and paving of basketball court
• Basketball Court Fencing, Poles and Basketball Hoop Installation
• Line Striping the Basketball Court
• Residential and Commercial

Asphalt Basketball Court

The gradual wear of an outdoor basketball court can eventually result in hazardous conditions. Supreme Kourts® recommend that your outdoor basketball court should be professionally resurfaced every 4-5 years.  Supreme Kourts® resurfaces many asphalt and concrete outdoor basketball courts each year.  Our team of professionally trained and experienced color-coating specialists who can bring your court back to “like-new” condition.  We can also replace or repair your existing basketball standard (post, backboard, etc.).

Supreme Kourts® will perform the following steps and procedures for every basketball court repair and resurfacing:

Courts - Basketball
• Pressure clean and power blow basketball court to remove loose dirt, mildew and oil.
• Identify low areas and depressions, also known as “bird baths”
• Patch low areas or depressions greater than 1/8”
• Repair all cracks with approved patching material

• Apply 1-2 coats of acrylic resurfacing material over entire court area to fill minor depressions, voids, and imperfections.
• Apply 1-2 coats of acrylic color concentrate to provide color over court surface.
• Locate, mark, and paint two-inch wide playing lines in accordance with High School regulations using white textured heavy bodies acrylic latex paint.

Supreme Kourts® turn-key court installation assurance programs reduce both costs and worry over unplanning problems plus coordination with all vendors.