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All Weather

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All Weather / Hard Court Surfaces

All weather tennis courts can be utilized in virtually all geographical regions and seasons, plus provide endless usage when properly installed and maintained -- eliminating any need for a sophisticated watering system that natural organic court surfaces require. 

All Weather and Hard Courts will require resurfacing every 5-7 years, not only to keep them looking new but also to provide protection against naturally destructive daily weather wear & tear.  After surface upgrades such as eliminating cracks with our Rite-Way crack elimination system, or settling, discoloration, etc. the court will essentially be brand new and provide years of continual quality play for your family and guests.   Supreme Kourts® objective is to deliver a court that not only plays to professional standards but is comfortable for both the active and casual players, plus complements the beauty of any surrounding landscape.


All Weather

Are made of asphalt or cement material, offering greater consistency of bounce than other outdoor surfaces. All Weather can vary in speed. The quantity of sand added to the surface paint can greatly affect the rate at which the ball slows down.  The US Open is played on an acrylic All Weather hard court, while the Australian Open is played on a synthetic All Weather.

The main difference between a synthetic hard court and a true hard court surface is the level of hardness. When the ball bounces on this surface it is faster than all other surfaces if there is not much sand in the top paint. The amount of sand used in the surface paint and the size of the sand granules also determines the speed – more sand means less speed and larger sand particles will slow the speed of play. Products such as Cushion Extreme is composed of 16 (sixteen) layers of meticulously  sprayed on material.

As authorities Supreme Kourts® with our extensive professional Har-Trinaugural dealership relationship we will provide our clients with a first rate top-quality tennis court.  With over 7 decades experience, our installations are constructed with an unparalleled attention to detail plus cost efficient, allowing the tennis enthusiast to have exactly the highest quality tennis court that they demand, providing clients with a beautiful court that complements your landscape for generations.


These materials, traditionally used in civil engineering, can be porous or non-porous (impermeable). They utilize a wide variety of surface textures, colors and names. It was not until the 1940s that acrylic courts were used in official tournaments. Now, the Australian Open and US Open are both played on acrylic courts.
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