A     C  H  A  R  L  E  S     B  A  R  B  A  R  A     C  O  M  P  A  N  Y

Our services include:

Concrete Basketball Court: Post-tensioned concrete is an advanced construction technique that is crack resistant.  It is highly recommended and is the preferred method of concrete court construction in order to keep maintenance costs low.  Every All Weather are finished with an Acrylic Color System in order to achieve uniform texture, speed of play, durability, proper drainage, and color. 

Cushioned Basketball Court: A cushioned surface for basketball or multi-purpose courts is the ultimate in providing optimum performance and player comfort.  Cushioned court system is an enhancement that provides dynamic response to the body impact, attenuates foot and leg shock, and reduces fatigue.  Supreme Kourts® delivers the finest quality courts in the industry.

Basketball Resurfacing & Repair
Supreme Kourts® surface systems eliminate hard court cracks with our Rite-Way crack elimination system, which can be applied on properly constructed asphalt, concrete, or existing acrylic surfaces.  Supreme Kourts® has many surfacing options from high-end, professional facilities to a backyard court.  If you are interested in getting cost estimates for basketball court construction or resurfacing and crack repairs,  call us at  732-SUPREME  or 732-787-7363 and email us at supremekourts@aol.com


Supreme Kourts® services respond to our exacting clientele’s specific needs.  When committed to a client's request for their Basketball, tennis or running track resurfacing project, Supreme Kourts® will provide you with everything you need to ensure your project is completed to your specifications both within budget and schedule.  Our professionals will visit your location to inspect and estimate time and cost of your project.

• School Running Track Installation

• Track Lane Striping and Marking

• Standard and Custom Widths Lengths, Lanes, Designs

• Outdoor Running Track Design and Planning

• Running Track Seal Coating

• Track Repair and Patching

• Walking Paths and Jogging Trails
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